Sellotape is a mundane essential. Sellotape is usually made with Polypropylene. Which means it is recyclable, but not biodegradable.

Some alternatives:

Kraft Paper Tape

Eco Paper Packing Tape

Washi Tape (lots of colours!)

If you’re wrapping presents, you can steer clear of tape altogether. Here are some ideas:

Gift bags

Box with lid

Pillow box (pic below)

Washing Tablets


My favourite option for this is ‘smol’.

smol is a company that produce completely plastic free tabs. They deliver straight to your door and you can choose to have them delivered whenever you’d like them.


Buy the washing powder that comes in a cardboard boxes. To ensure they don’t contain microbeads, check the ingredients for polyethylene or polypropylene. Avoid them at all cost.


Bamboo seems to be the favourite alternative to the plastic toothbrushes.

There are plenty of options, but ensure that ALL of the toothbrush is biodegradable. A lot of them claim to be 100%, but the bristles are still plastic and that is what can hurt marine life. Also, as demonstrated in the pic below, the toothbrushes can stand themselves up. Finally, someone with common sense works in the industry.

Shop safe!

Feminine Stuff

The Cup

Ladies have sworn by this. You only need to take it out once a day, wash it and stick it back in. It’ll take a while to get to grips with it, but it’s worth it.

The Underwear

I would suggest this for light bleeders only. Not for the tea-spoon and above’rs.

The Re-Useable Pads

Not suggested if you have an infection, but very environmentally friendly.

Shower Gel

Most come in a massive, awkwardly shaped bottles that you only use for a until it’s empty.

Choose a bar of soap. Most supermarkets will sell bars of soap, you may need to look a little longer to find it as the ratio to plastic to non-plastic items down this particular isle is insane. Try to avoid the ones with plastic wrapping; that defeats the object.

Most blogs will suggest links to other websites and blogs to advertise recipes. I’m not about that life, so I suggest buying one. Lush is a great shop. Most plastic free alternatives can be found in there. Hand creams, moisturisers, bath bombs. I can only go in there when I have a cold otherwise the overpowering smell gives me a headache.. Happy soap hunting!

Water Bottles

Don’t buy plastic water bottles.

Invest in one decent insulated bottle. The double walled ones are best. Stainless steel is great.

Personally, I bought a Thermos Hydration Water Bottle with Straw, Magenta, 530 ml. This one doesn’t keep it cold, but it never leaks. I have one at home, one in my dance bag, and one in the office. Highly recommended. (pic below is of the stainless steel ones)